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Tag Archives: video

Weekly Video Tip: Advanced Editing with Split Screens

If you’ve been keeping up with our entire editing series, than you’re an editing wizard already. But we’re going to help expand your toolbox with this fun technique called split screen. Or picture in picture. Or video overlaying. Or any … Continue reading

5 Ways to Market with Video

(eM+C)—Video marketing isn’t new, but what also shouldn’t be is the belief that it’s an optional tactic. By way of example, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world in terms of users. The reality is that video … Continue reading

Weekly Video Tip: Essential Basic Editing Technique – Cross-Dissolves

So you still want more newbie editing tips, eh? Alright, we’ll give you another one. This one focuses on the art of the transition, but also involves an actual effect! So finally you get to dip into the candy jar … Continue reading

Weekly Video Tip: What Is a Match Cut?

Alright, welcome to the second video in our “shooting for the edit” series that will teach you some tips and tricks on how making your editor (in this case probably yourself) happy by getting the right shots so everything fits … Continue reading

Weekly Video Tip: What Is Eyeline Matching?

Today I want to introduce the first of a few videos that will cover what we call “shooting for the edit.” “But Stephen, aren’t you always shooting for the edit?” I’m glad you asked. Yes, technically if you’re shooting footage … Continue reading

Weekly Video Tip: How to Shoot on a White Screen

So we’ve spent some time talking about the differences between shooting on a blue screen and a green screen, but there’s another common backdrop you might want to learn about – It’s this really vibrant color called WHITE. No doubt … Continue reading

Weekly Video Tip: Why is Pre-Production Important?

Most amateurs think that shooting a video is a piece of cake. They think they can just pick up a camera, find a location, and start filming like they own the place. Well guess what? That’s not the case. If … Continue reading

Weekly Video Tip: Android App for Cinematographers: SL Director’s Viewfinder

Today, in partnership with ReelSEO, we’re going to be talking about this new Android App for Cinematographers. It’s called the SL Director’s Viewfinder. Let me dispel a cinematography urban legend for you. Holding your hands up in front of your … Continue reading

Weekly Video Tip: Editing Technique – The L Cut

Today, in partnership with ReelSEO, I’m going to tell you about the L-Cut, an editing technique you can easily apply today that will help you smooth out your cuts so that someone might actually enjoy watching your video. The L-Cut … Continue reading

Weekly Video Tip: Advanced Lighting Concepts Part 1, Color Temperature

Want to bring lights on your shoot? Want to shoot like a professional? Then you have to know a little something about color temperature. You can’t just plug in your camera and expect it to know what you’re doing. You … Continue reading